Following many years of being a Breeder of Golden Retrievers, it has always been a wish of mine to be able to scan my girls during their pregnancies.  Once my husband and I took early retirement several years ago, I was able to fulfill this dream by undertaking my Level 1 and II Canine Ultrasound Scanning with Vet Image Solutions in Kent.  Having now being able to do this for the last few years, I have managed to build up a good clientele with many new and returning customers.  

At Dorset Pet Scan, we offer Pregnancy Confirmation Scanning and Post Whelp Scanning, all in the comfort of your own home, therefore enabling your pet to feel more relaxed and comfortable during the whole process.


We cover Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.  Please feel free to contact us for your FREE, No Obligation Quotation.

Scans can be carried out from 28-35 days post mate but we recommend the latter due to the risk of reabsorption before this time.  Scans from 28 days are confirmation only.  We are also able to scan up until their due date to check puppies are still viable. We visit you at home, as many pets become worried and agitated visiting other premises so this enables them to be in their own surroundings where they are more relaxed.


We are able to estimate gestation age and due date. However this is only an estimate valid at the time of the scan due to elements that may affect the pregnancy. These will be explained during the scan process.

We can also follow through their pregnancy or do a post a whelp scan to give you peace of mind that all pups/kittens have been delivered.

  • Full Member of The Animal Ultrasound Association.

  • Fully DBS Checked.

  • Kennel Club Assured Breeder of Golden Retrievers.

  • Completed Levels 1 and 2 Canine Ultrasonography with Vet Image Solutions, Kent.

  • Fully Insured.